Youngjae's Waifu

Daehyun casually stealing Youngjae’s airtime.

Daehyun casually stealing Youngjae’s airtime.

2NE1’s song being used in that microsoft commercial though

The reason I live is you.
what omg noooooooo why?
from what i’ve heard it sounds like joon wants to pursue his acting career and thunder wants to do solo work
like I want them to do what’s best for them but i’ll still miss them :(

48-49 / edits of min yoongi

It’s been announced that both Lee Joon and Thunder are going to be leaving the group once their contracts are up ㅠㅠ

GUYS i’m legitimately like about to cry.

mblaq was my very first kpop group and what got me into kpop, and kpop was what got me through my freshman year of college and just like

i’m so upset T.T

"Since B.A.P was created, ‘music’ was always the center for us, so we want to become a group that shows constant effort and growth musically. That’s why we plan to not stop in the future with various musical trials and challenges. I want to show that we’re a group with infinite possibilities that are able to do those various musical styles. I want to grow as true musicians that aren’t limited by genres or borders, and advance worldwide with ‘our own music’ that we wish to do. I believe that’s the ultimate goal as B.A.P." — Youngjae (x)

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